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Sell me your sinkhole damage house. I specialize in Florida Sinkhole property. Call for immediate assistance with your unrepaired sinkhole Home. Selling your Florida sinkhole home has never been easier! We are here to buy your Florida Sinkhole Home! Buying unrepaired Florida sinkhole damaged homes in Florida is my specialty. Call us if your home has been damaged by an unrepaired sinkhole and if you need to sell your sinkhole home in Florida

We buy unrepaired sinkhole homes in Florida.

Your home has Sinkhole Damage, What Can You Do?

If you're visiting this website than you either know that your home has a Florida sinkhole or you suspect that your home has a Florida sinkhole. If you are trying to sell your sinkhole home or have questions about Florida sinkhole homes you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here. Most importantly, I can buy your unrepaired sinkhole damaged home.

What type of Florida Sinkhole is causing damage to your home?

The information below gives a very brief overview of the types of Florida sinkholes that can damage your home. If you would like additional information please contact me.


(Cover-collapse sinkholes) These types of Florida sinkholes occur abruptly and are deep holes in the ground with steep sides. These sinkholes are often initiated by fluctuations in the water-table. Water levels fluctuate, the roof of the cavity is then stressed and damaged. When the water-table decreases too much, the cavity walls become unsupported. The ceiling (or top) becomes too weak to hold the heavy clay and mud (called the overburden) which causes the ceiling to collapse, hence forming the Florida sinkhole.

SOLUTION SINKHOLES (Dissolution sinkholes) If the overburden (mud and/or clay) is thin or absent, the surface of the limestone bedrock will become eroded from ground (or surface) water as well as wind.  A depression will naturally form over time, causing a bowl shaped indentation with chemical breakdown of the rock. 
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SUBSIDENCE SINKHOLES (Cover-subsidence sinkholes) This type of Florida sinkhole will appear as a concave depression in the ground. They are a few feet in diameter and depth. Cavities in the limestone fill with clay and sand, sediments fill the depression hence, a lake is formed due to the accumulation of water caused by a restricted flow.

Many ponds and lakes in Florida are a result of sinkhole formation and Florida has more sinkhole homes than any place in this country. Many people believe that sinkhole damage to a house can be caused only when a large hole in the ground opens up and swallows a home. I have only seen this happen 10 time in all my years of doing real estate. Many times there is actually no void under the house at all. The ground is unstable due to fine sand, clay, or organic material (Mud). This causes the house foundation to be unstable. The big expense is to make sure you have no problems in the future. In many homes I see there is very little visible damage to the property. Yet the sinkhole repair and stabilization of a damaged sinkhole house can run over $150,000.00. This is due to the amount of repair necessary to prevent future instability. The insurance companies (some times with the help of a good sinkhole lawyer) will pay off a homeowner's insurance policy to there limits of the policy.

How can you tell if you have a Florida Sinkhole damaged house?

You have depressions or an opening in the ground.
Cracks running in the interior floors, walls or ceiling.
The windows and doors do not open and close properly.
There is a slope in the floor of the house.
Stair step cracks on the outside walls of the house.
Cracking or buckling of the concrete slab floors.
The well water has dirt or debris in it.
Feeling the house shift under your feet.
The house next door to your home is a Florida sinkhole home.


Florida Sinkholes
, Sinkhole Homes, Lawyers & Insurance Companies

Insurance companies (often with the help of a good Florida sinkhole lawyer)

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This Map Depicts by Color the areas in Florida that are more and less likely to have sinkhole development.
 will pay off a homeowner's insurance policy to the limits of the policy. It is cheaper for them to do that then to repair the damaged sinkhole house than to risk more expense after the repairs are completed. Many times the house that has incurred damage from a sinkhole will continue to shift and crack after the sinkhole repair has been done. This may be due to the pressure underground and due to an excess of concrete that was pumped under the damaged sinkhole house. If you have received a settlement from the insurance company and your damaged sinkhole home is located in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco or Hernando County, please let me know.

Sinkhole Lawyers vs. Insurance Company
If you feel that your insurance company is not living up to their obligations, please contact me. Many insurance companies are failing to honor submitted claims for Florida sinkhole damaged homes stating that the damage is due to soil settling, (not covered by insurance) and not due to a "valid" Florida sinkhole. The insurance company will often hire engineers that make determinations favorable to their best interest and unfavorable to the homeowner that is living the nightmare of property damage caused by a Florida sinkhole. The last thing a homeowner needs is to be taken advantage of and it is possible that a reputable Florida sinkhole attorney can get you more money for your sinkhole damaged home.  

What Florida sellers must disclose about their unrepaired Sinkhole damaged home.

If you have a Florida sinkhole house on your property you are required by law to disclose the sink hole damage to any potential buyer. It is imperative you deal with the Florida sinkhole house as soon as possible to prevent further structural damage to your home. If you have not already done so, please contact your insurance company and have them check for the needed sinkhole repairs. Have a qualified engineer inspect your home. Many times it is necessary to have a lawyer represent you in dealings with your Florida insurance company.
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Did you know?
Florida sinkholes are a natural component of Florida's landscape. A lake is a sinkhole full of water.

If You're Ready to Sell Your Sinkhole Damaged Home.
Often, homeowners of a sink hole damaged home want nothing more than to be rid of the problem they are in. They feel unsafe in the home or they just cannot deal with the time and expense of repairing their damaged sink hole home. If you are the owner of a home that has unrepaired sinkhole damage , call me for prompt and professional solutions. Work for the seller of the unrepaired sinkhole damaged home. I will help you to alleviate the situation you are in.
Having an unrepaired sink hole home can be very difficult. I specialize in selling these unrepaired sinkhole homes in Hillsborough, Hernando, Pinellas and Pasco counties and throughout Florida.

Have you received a settlement from the insurance company for your unrepaired sinkhole home?

Repairing a sinkhole home is an expensive, time consuming, and messy ordeal. I can help. Let me handle your problems. I will give you a top dollar offer on your unrepaired sink hole home. You can use the money to buy a new home, one with no foundation problems. Most of my sinkhole homes are in Spring Hill, Port Richey, and Holiday, Florida.

Has your Florida home has been damaged by a sink hole. I will give you a top dollar offer. You may ask why I would want your sink hole damaged house and the answer is simple.
I Buy, Rehab, Rent, and Sell Residential Real Estate and sink hole damaged homes and property in Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Hernando Counties. I have many years of experience with damaged property and sellers trust me to do what's in their best interest. If you have a sink hole and your home is located in Tampa, Clearwater, Brooksville, Hudson, Holiday, Clearwater or anywhere in Florida, please contact me for assistance. We are here to help. Tampa Florida 

What is my unrepaired sinkhole house worth?

The value of the house will be affected greatly by the sinkhole.  The fair market value of a repaired sinkhole home is between ten and twenty percent lower than a home without sinkhole damage.  This can be very upsetting to home owners as the nation already is facing a decrease in home value. 

Sinkhole Effects on Market Value of the Home

Many neighborhoods that experience sinkholes are faces with a decrease in the value of their home.  Sinkhole homes fair market value decreases in value by 10 to 20 percent when compared with non sinkhole homes.  Homes are already valued at a lower market price than they were even a year ago due to the economy, so the further decrease in value can be very discouraging to home owners.

Florida Sinkhole homes and waterfront homes seem to be closely related.

A majority of the sinkhole homes in the Florida, I look at are close to waterfront or low-lying areas. There is a reason for this. Centuries ago, when the ground was low the water would flow into these low-lying areas. The water would fill up with organic material such as plants and other creatures. Over time, this plant life would decay and turned to clay or mud. As time would continue to pass dirt would cover this area. Then someone would build a house on top of it.

It is important to remember that Florida is basically flat. When you have hilly or low lying areas you probably have some instability below ground.

If your house has signs of sinkhole activity, such as: stair step cracks on exterior walls, deep cracks in your driveway or paved areas, doors and windows that are difficult to close, call your insurance company. You need to file a insurance claim. The insurance company will sent our an engineering company to determine the extent of the settlement. They will either have it repaired or give you the money.  After you receive a settlement from your insurance company, call us, do not repair your sinkhole home.



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